In Bangalore, India, Toe to Heart supports a group of underpriviliged children as follows:P1070108 (2)

* by giving financial support enabling them to attend certified classes in English as well as to graduate

* by supervising while doing their homework at Thomas’ and Lalitha’s place

* by providing a loving and caring environment thus stimulating the children

Dutchman Thomas and his Indian wife Lalitha, initiators of this project, open their home to these children before and after school. The children do their homework, help each other, celebrate birthdays and holidays and can rely on Thomas and Lalitha for listening to their greater and smaller problems.

School fees, books and uniforms are provided for. In addition twice a year the children will receive a usefull present like clothing or school materials, depending on financial possibilities. Thanks to Lalitha with her background as a trained nurse medical supervision is available.

Local volunteers will regularly help Thomas and Lalitha supporting the children.

For a child the entire training program runs from joining the project until finishing high school, possibly followed by two years of college; the latter depending on the intellectual capabilities and aspirations of the child. Support continues until the age of eighteen or nineteen. For a university education the children are depending on their own initiatives, but by then they do have an excellent basis to do so.

In abovementioned project currently about ten children of various ages are working towards a completed high school or college education – please look at the subpage “Our children” for more details. There you can “meet” at least eight children who have succesfully completed their schooling in the last twelve years of the Toe to Heart project, as well as a group of children that is eager to participate in this project too – they would also like to get a break for good education.

Toe to Heart Netherlands Foundation strives to provide the yearly financial support that is needed for school fees, books and uniforms. All donations end up in the children’s scholarship funds, nothing sticks to the fingers.