Nanditha, Annie, Arokya, Thara, Naresha, Moses, Sonya, Mangala, Esther, Nalini,  Rosaline and Jacqueline.

Sadly Nanditha passed away on 26  October 2016. For several years she enjoyed a warm welcome at the Toe to Heart roof top.
Thanks to Toe to Heart Annie, Arokya, Thara, Naresha, Moses, Sonya, Jacqueline, Rosaline, Nalini and Esther have been fortunate enough to have acquired a high school diploma and rounded up two years of college in preparation of university. Mangala acquired a high school diploma thanks to Toe to Heart. Now it’s up to them to continue their study or start working. Most of them do both: they have a part-time job to pay for their study and at the same time financially support their families.

They are adolescents taking pride in themselves.

Being grateful for the chance given to them.

Reaching out for the possibility to better their future and the lives of their families.

Walking about with their head held high and remembering with affection their years with Thomas and Lalitha.

Our foundation is extremely proud of them.

Without the ongoing support of our contributors they would never have come this far, they would never have been given this opportunity.

That’s why we greatly appreciate all donations.

Then, now and in the future.

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