Toe to Heart is completely depending on the benevolence of donors.Wim Koevermans 2015 (2)

In the first years donations mainly came from the inner circle of Thomas and Lalitha: friends and relatives. As the group of children steadily increased there was a need for an extended group of donors. More donors were found within the social networks of acquaintances and members of the board of the foundation in the Netherlands.

Most financial contributions are occasional in character. In a few cases someone signs a written agreement (in Dutch: ANBI-declaration) thus promising to donate a specific amount yearly for five years in a row (which is fiscally attractive in The Netherlands). Some regular donors contribute monthly. There are also groups of friends or colleagues, who together support a child. We welcome every donor!

To raise the rest of the recquired money fundraising activites and support campaigns are necessary.

On behalf of Toe to Heart two enthusiastic ambassadors put a lot of effort in this project. Gerard Cornielje, being a musician threw a couple of altruistic performances. Wim Koevermans, former football-international and trainer regularly provides football-related items for a public sale. Both of them seek the attention of third parties for the benefit of Toe to Heart.

We are continuously looking for new donors to support us in order to allow more children to participate in the project.

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