Good education – key to a better future

The Toe to Heart Foundation aims at offering children participating in this project a decent English-based education. Upon completion of this programme their chances in the employment market have increased enourmeously compared to when they attend a regular local language-based school.

Our programme consists of a solid plan for participation from the moment they join Toe to Heart until they finish Standard School and have a certificate to prove it. In addition a talented young one is offered two more years of Pre University education. This results in a full-length education which gives them a perfect prospect.

Besides the quality-standard education we provide after-school support, where we offer our children a safe environment and support in their homework, which results not only in best quality education but also gives them a boost in their personal development and self-esteem.

Toe to Heart NL takes full financial responsibility for this education programme.

Starting-point in terms of our policy is: a child being offered the opportunity to participate in this programme needs to be able to participate in the full programme, including graduation. Our financial policy aims at making that possible and therefore guards the balance between our financial possibilities and the educational expences. Our financial stability is dependent on the alacrity of our contributors. Only if they continue supporting Toe to Heart we can maintain financing these children’s education.

We carry out a conscientious policy with respect to attracting contributors and funds in order to assure our financial stability, and to be able to  give more children the opportunity to participate in our educational programme. One of the ways to ensure financial continuity is financial adoption of one of “our” children by an individual, a group of persons or a fund. We haven been successful with this in some cases, but not all of “our” children are adopted yet.

The Toe to Heart motto is and will be:

“To protect our children and give them the chance to grow. A little bit positive attention (heart) and a little bit material aid (toe) is sufficient. The rest they prefer to do themselves”.