Thanks to Toe to Heart these children are able to attend school in Bangalore every day.

They attend the after school programm – sometimes they come in the morning as well- at Thomas and Lalitha’s place; some of them already for years. They feel safe, appreciated, supported and loved there. Quite a special situation for a child in an underprivileged area in India.

Thanks to donations of persons understanding the importance of education for a child they can attend school. School fees, books and uniforms are provided for. They get guidance while doing their homework and preparing for exams and they can share their worries with Thomas and Lalitha and with each other. Lalitha also supervises their health condition. It’s their second home.

Some of the children are assured of financial support during the course of their education. The money donated is linked to their name. Not everybody is as privileged as that – some children are dependent on donations Toe to Heart receives troughout the year. Fortunately up till now we were able to help all children of our group to continue their education.

The children are happy and they are very well aware of the chance given to them and strive to succeed. They are our pride and joy. Please click here to get a view of our children in Bangalore.

We are glad to help them and we sincerely hope that you too will support us in giving more children the opportunity to better their prospects.

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