Annual report

Annual report Toe to Heart Nederland 2017


  1. Objectives Toe to Heart Nederland

‘Stichting Toe to Heart Nederland’ has been founded on 24 August 2006 in Amsterdam to support  Toe to Heart Trust Bangalore in India, founded on  8 August 2004.

Toe to Heart offers chances to children, residing in an underprivilidged neighbourhood in Bangalore India,  by providing them  the necesary  social, human and physical  capital each human being needs.  From this vision Toe to Heart aims to pay the school fees  related to costs for books, uniforms and after school care from a study fund. The daily after school care and personal  guidance takes place, by the founders of  Toe to Thomas and Lalitha van Berckel, at a space created at their residence, which is called ‘Dutch Roof’.

  1. Board members

The  board of the  Foundation ‘ Toe to Heart Nederland’ consisted  in 2017 out of:

–      Bea van Els, president

–      Ans Heesterbeek, secretary

–      Astrid Groenewegen, treasurer

–      Hannie van Haaren , member

–      Renée van den Berg, member

Member of the board Hannie van Haaren has visited  in January 2016 Bangalore and “Toe to Heart at The Dutch Roof”, after she has been a volunteer there for years.  It was great for her and for the children of Toe to Heart to see eachother back. In January 2018 Hannie was again on a private trip  in India and visited (the children of) Toe to Heart  again. It was again a nice and sweet meeting.

  1. Developments in  the Netherlands, India and with Toe to Heart

On 10 October 2017 long time supporter and mother of Thomas,  Mieke van Berckel,   passed away. She had a blessed age of 87 years.   Thomas had still visted her end September.

In November Toe to Heart in Bangalore and the Netherlands memorized the one year-death  anniversary of Nanditha.

Bangalore develops: the neighbourhood where Thomas en Lalitha live is undergoing an “upgrade”.  This has unfortunately also a negative effect on the bordering (less prosporous) neighbourhood were the children live: the prices are rising. The parent(s) have difficulties to remain liviing there, have to move sometimes and the result is that some children have to make a long busride to reach their school and  the TTH project. This is not an ideal situation; in particular the travel of children alone in the dark should be avoided. This is the reason, althoughToe to Heart focuses on the support of the girls , in some cases a brother is involved,  to avoid that they have to travel home alone. Thomas & Lalith try to cope with the challenge by being more flexible.


  1.    Activities report

Also in 2017 hard work has been done to be able to give the children the needed financial support and personal guidance. That personal guidance is, where possible, offered by Thomas and Lalitha, next to that the board in the Netherlands tries to  give, now and then, “attention signals”, to the children: a personal card for all the children when the school year finishes, to give small presents when Thomas travels back to his family and the ‘Toe to Heart-children’ , a Christmas Card from  the Netherlands,  etc.  We also try to let the children know that we are thinking about them by asking them to send us their drawings and stories.  These personal contributions of the children find their way to the donor who  sponsors  them and get sometimes a place in the news letters.

These year we published again two news letters;  one in the Summer and one around Christmas. Next to that we published an extra newsletter in August to bring the sponsor cycle tour under the attention.

Regarding fundraising  many letters with requests  have been sent,  sometimes resulting in a donation, for example of a  charity which has supported us financially earlier.

Also a diversity of activities have been undertaken, in which people who want to support  Toe to Heart participated to raise funds.  In the Summer there was a linedance-class, in September a sponsor cycle tour (in which Thomas because of his coincidental stay in the Netherlands could participate)  and in December a bridgedrive.  Nice activities, which also brought in money.

Toe to Heart is also still (without costs) associated to the organization ‘Sponsorkliks’, through which  everybody who buys through internet donates a small amount of money-again without costs- to Toe to Heart.  ‘Sponsorkliks’ offers by the way a broader and broader package;  even  an online payment for a health insurance premium through ‘Sponsorkliks’  can be beneficial for Toe to Heart .

In 2016 is agreed that more actively India based  potential donors will be approached by Toe to Heart India, and the Dutch Community in Bangalore should not be forgotten. Here there is a task for Thomas who has to initiate these activities. In this perspective a Dutch volunteer, Remco Vermeulen,  from that Dutch community came to meet the children regularly and also gave many gifts to them; Because of his departure from India this could unfortunately not continue.

The TTH-website ( meets our expectations , and next to that Thomas is also once and a while active on Facebook.

In 2017 the board of ‘Toe to Heart Nederland’ has met 5 times.

Next to that  the presence of Thomas in the Netherlands in September 2017 offered the possibility for personal  discussions between the boards of  TTH-India (Thomas van Berckel) and TTH-Nederland (Bea van Els, Renée van den Berg and  Astrid Groenewegen were present).

  1. Toe to Heart-children

All children have finished their school year with good results.  The present group (per 31-12-2017) consists out of  Monica, Sweety, Raj, Suman,  Thirtamalai, Vasundhara, Manasa, Sulókshona, Sandhya and Emmanuel.

If the financial situation permits us, we will have more children participating in this project.

For what concerns the youngsters who don’t enjoy the support of Toe to Heart anymore after they finshed PU-2 (and have become 18 years) : regularly there is contact with them. Most of them are workig, often also with evening college. For all the same counts; we have given them the needed foundation, it is up to them to build on that (in the way they desire).  The efforts of Lalitha, Thomas,  Stichting Toe to Heart and the donors and the children themselves : everybody contributed to this result and can look back in a satisfied way on his or her contribution.

  1. Financial report

TTH is at the end of 2017 in a healthy financial position, mostly because of the contributions of a circle of permanent donors with among them a couple of  donors who sponsor particular children

To guarantee the continuity of education and after school care we strive for steadiness in the financial report and we are very grateful to be assured  of a number of donors and donations  which guarantee this steadiness.

There are also children who don’t have (yet) a personal donor, so both new permanent donors and  one- time  donations remain necessary.


For the full financial report of 2017 we refer to the Annual Account 2017 on our website.


Bea van Els, President.

18 februari 2018